Meat in 2018: increase of the global production

In 2018, the global demand for meat was strong despite the increasing headwind in developed countries. Favourable feed prices as a result of a record cereal harvest were a boost for the producers of monogastric animals.

In addition, grazing conditions were good in most parts of the world (with the exception of Australia, Canada and Northern Europe which suffered from drought), despite the fact that 2018 was one of the hottest years since records began.

Turnabout after oversupply

Productivity also improved in many countries. In 2018 there were signs of oversupply, which put the prices in some countries under pressure. However, outbreaks of African swine fever in China caused a turnabout. The increasing deficit on the Chinese market led to price increases and a rising demand for imports and probably also a fall in consumption.

Shift from pork to other types of meat

The shortages and price increases in pork caused a shift in demand for other types of meat which impacts the prices and production in the main exporting countries. The transition from traditional farms to modern, industrial structures in China is, however, accelerated as a result of this.

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