Address: Ommegang West 9
Postal code: 8840
City: Westrozebeke
Telephone no.(s): +32 (0) 51 788 400
Fax: +32 (0) 51 780 057
E-mail address (general): info@belgianporkgroup.com

Company information

EU number: EG93, EG93/1, EG93-H, B283, EG 171, EG 171/1, EG125, EG125/1, EG3/1, B100379, KF43, F43, EG135, F341
Company number: BE 0878.201.178
Company group: Belgian Pork Group NV
Company manager(s): Jos Claeys
Export manager(s): Luc Verspreet
Erik Dieu
Glenn Coolsaet
Michaël Catry
Pieter-Jan Meerschman
André Daghelinckx
Peter Vanhulle
Kristof Holvoet
Wouter Haghedooren
Dries Vanacker
Number of employees: 2000
Annual turnover (€): 790.000.000
Certificates: HACCP , International Food Standard (IFS) , British Retail Consortium (BRC)
Legal form: Private Limited Liability Company
Languages: Dutch , German , English , French , Italian , Polish , Russian , Spanish

Products and activities





    • Fresh
    • Frozen
    • Carcasses
    • Cuts
    • Vacuum packaging
    • Consumer packed
    • Fully prepared meats



slaughterhouse, cutting plant, packaging, cut, processing company

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  • Cambodia
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  • Singapore
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  • Other Asian countries
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  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
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About the company


Belgian Pork Group guarantees sustainable pork production, from the farm to the consumer

Belgian Pork Group is a family business that has 7 production sites in Belgium specialising in slaughtering, cutting, portioning, packaging and freezing quality pork. Every year, Belgian Pork Group processes 420,000 tonnes of pork, a substantial part of which is exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Belgian Pork Group manages the entire chain for processing pork and focuses on (animal) welfare, customised solutions and partnerships. Combining specialisation and automation ensures Belgian Pork Group can offer its clients unique products. The family shareholders are supported by family-run pig farms who have also invested. Belgian
Pork Group achieves a turnover of 790 million euros and has over 2,000 passionate employees. This makes Belgian Pork Group the largest producer of pork in Belgium; the family business is also one of the top 10 in Europe.