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Over 30 Belgian suppliers provide excellent quality, customised cuts of pork fast. 

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of pork produced worldwide

In 2017, Belgium produced 1,044,000 tonnes of pork, or 1% of global production.

Net exporter

Belgium is the fourth net exporter of pork in the EU. 89% is exported within the EU and 11% goes to 3rd countries.

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On 14 September 2018, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) communicated the diagnosis of African swine fever (ASF virus) in two boars in the south of the Belgian province of Luxembourg. It is a very contagious viral disease that affects only pigs and boars.

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Slaughtering and cutting, an art in itself

Pork shoulders

Belgian suppliers stay on the ball. After all, meeting the customer’s needs is what it’s all about. It is the basis of their success and also the reason for the varied range of products the Belgians offer.

The Belgian Landrace is known for its high return. It combines a high percentage of lean meat with a high carcass weight. Belgian farmers supply a mean pig with a meat percentage of +60% and a slaughter weight of +96 kg. In other words: efficient cutting of the Belgian Landrace guarantees more meat per animal.

Slaughterers and cutters strive for maximum added value for their customers. That is why they have a very flexible approach to finishing, cutting and packaging. They adapt to meet the customer’s requirements. The great strength of Belgian companies is that they offer customised products. And often that is what distinguishes the Belgians from their competition. The possibilities are almost endless. The diversity of companies and the competition between them results in a high degree of professionalism whilst preserving the individual character of each company.

Belgian pork is a story about people

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